This Sci-Fi family adventure brings together the flavor of a classic Swiss Family Robinson story together with a flavor of a Star Wars escapade in a high action space adventure.

This adventure begins with the United Mining Coalition Corporate Space Freighter, Mayflower, carrying thousand of families racing to secure to the red planet of Cryon. A competing freighter, the Nashita Corporation is hot on their tail and has secretly planted a saboteur aboard the Mayflower.

The youngest of the Crusoe family, Tyler, and his friend witness the saboteur planting thermal bombs in the ship’s reactor room and the Mayflower explodes in a fury of fire. Tony Crusoe, head of the Crusoe family and the Mayflower security team is severely wounded in the explosion and his family find themselves marooned in a small escape pod. Katie, the Crusoe’s middle child and an experience simulator pilot valiantly flies the crippled ship to the water latten moon, Titus. Katie safely crash-lands the small pod on the beach of one of the small islands where the Crusoe family battles the elements and exotic creatures that inhabit the island.

It is an eight-legged dog-like creature that saves the life of Tony’s wife, Dr. Julie Crusoe from the deadly saber-toothed, glowing red-eyed panther creature that convinces the family to adopt it and is named appropriately, Mr. Legs.

Yet another threat looms in the universe, ordered not to leave any witnesses behind by Nashita’s commander, the saboteur begins to search the galaxy for the survivors.